Developing Teacher Leadership Workshop

Our approach to engaging on teacher leadership has been informed by Theory U.

Image by ulriksdalsinitiativet.org

Theory U emerged from MIT and is being increasingly used worldwide in many different contexts as a process to lead change. You can read more about Theory U on MIT’s Presencing Institute’s website: presencing.com/theoryu

In order to support people to use Theory U to lead change, MIT has developed an online course through their EdX platform called ULab. ULab takes participants through the Theory U process and supports them to apply it in their context. ULab has run twice this year and will hopefully run again in 2016. You can access the ULab course here: tinyurl.com/ulabmit

ULab has grown in popularity amongst many in Scotland and there is a growing community of people using Theory U: ulabscot.wordpress.com

Prezi used to structure the engagement workshops.