SCEL Engage is part of the Scottish College of Educational Leadership‘s engagement work on teacher leadership in Scotland.

GH_SCEL_300116_PRESS_10Our teacher leadership engagement work is being led by Fearghal Kelly. Fearghal has been seconded from his post as a Biology Teacher at Preston Lodge High School in East Lothian to engage with stakeholders across Scotland on the emerging future of teacher leadership.

On this site, you can keep up to date with the SCEL’s developing work on supporting teacher leadership and also contribute your own ideas too. We’re hoping to use this site to develop an online teacher leadership engagement hub which can be used for the following…

  • Outcomes from our engagement workshops will be uploaded and shared on this site as new posts.
  • Developments arising from engagement will be uploaded as posts for feedback.
  • Opportunities provided to upload and share ideas and outcomes from you and your community.
  • A space to discuss, and co-evolve, the emerging future of teacher leadership in Scotland.

The views shared on this site are those of the engagement participants and not of the Scottish College for Educational Leadership.