Taking stock…

So, they’re finally upon us…it’s holiday time! As this is a time for rest and reflection, I thought it would be worth taking a moment to reflect upon where we’re up to with out teacher leadership work following on from our engagement.

Firstly, we have obviously published our report of the engagement and have been sharing this as widely as possible, including at our first national conference. The report, and the themes arising, have been well received by a wide range of stakeholders and we will continue to share the messages as widely as possible. We have a seminar in the SLF programme for example on the engagement work. We’re also planning on adapting the workshop used as part of the engagement for use by colleagues in schools.

As part of the engagement process I used the description of teacher leadership contained in our Framework for Educational Leadership. There was significant overlap with the engagement participants’ views on what teacher leadership means to them and the definition from SCEL, but there was also some suggestions for improvement. These have now been taken on board and the text has been updated accordingly.

I’m also currently working on a programme to support teachers to develop as leaders of practice which we’ve recently advertised as a prototype programme in the first cohort later this year. If you’re keen to develop as a teacher leader and inform the development of this programme, you can find out more information here. We’ve also had some offers of support for the programme from teachers who already have a significant amount of experience of leading practitioner enquiry, and so we’ve offered places as Critical Friends for teachers with this experience on the programme also.

We’ve also launched a series of Enquire Connect Engage events around the country which will provide opportunities to share and learn from each other’s practitioner enquiries. More information on these here. We’ve also been supporting the forthcoming PedagooMuckle event and the TeachMeet SLF Connect events.

As you can see, we’ve been busy and you no doubt have been very busy also. So, have a well earned break…as we added to our teacher leadership definition as a result of consistent feedback through the engagement:

Teacher leaders are aware of the importance of their own health and wellbeing and strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance.



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