Preston Lodge High School Pupil Engagement

As previously shared, I developed a pupil version of our teacher leadership engagement workshop which I facilitated with pupils at Sandbank Primary School. I also carried out this workshop with a class of S1 pupils at Preston Lodge High School in East Lothian, with a focus on what makes a great teacher.

Once again, we started with a version of the ‘snowball’ activity which allowed the pupils to think about what the features of a good lesson are. They then worked in groups to develop and share their own learning journeys, this time including learning to rock climb and learning to make new friends. The visual resource from Children in Scotland was a great support again:


From there, they again prioritised the features of a teacher leader which I had adapted from the opening paragraph of the ‘Exploring Teacher Leadership‘ document used in the teacher workshops. This time, there wasn’t time for them to add their own feature – and once again, apologies in advance for my typo!

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As with the previous pupil workshop, I then left the class with postcards to Scottish teachers which they completed with their teacher, this time the following week.

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A Postcard to the Teachers of Scotland
We think great teachers are…

  • Helpful, listen to you, play games with you, pay attention, trustworthy, explains things well, allows people to learn how they want to learn, role model, wants you to be the best you can be, knows your needs, exciting, treats pupils equally, gives you brain breaks, entertaining and lets you choose your seats.
  • Patient, fun, kind, helpful and fun but strict when needed. Knows your needs and lets you be yourself. Entertaining, gives you choices and lets you listen to music. Plans good activities, explains what you are doing well. Allows you to pick your seats, treats us equally. Trust worthy and gives us free time when finished work.
  • Funny because it makes a good personality, learn better and because teachers make us smart.
  • Understanding of our problems, they treat everyone equally, and they give us free time if finished work. They would have to entertain us through our learning, and they will listen to the way we learn. And best of all they would let us swing on our seats!
  • Understanding because we have to understand what the teacher is telling us. Honest and love their job because if they do not then they are nasty to the kids. Love their job because they are kind that way. Show they care when you are upset.

Thank you so much to the pupils and staff of Preston Lodge High School for your support and ideas! 


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